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Individual Sharps Disposal Program (ISDP)

Florida Department of Health in Glades County

  •  (863) 946-0707


    (863) 946-3097

    Mailing Address

    P.O. Box 489  

    1021 Health Park Drive 

    Moore Haven, Florida 33471 

The ISDP is designed to provide individuals who use sharps at home a place for proper disposal for free. The ISDP is not for commercial use. Commercial waste generators are required to have an operating permit from the Florida Department of Health in Glades County per Chapter 64E-16, Florida Administrative Code and 381.006, 381.0098 FS. Law. Please contact the HCHD for additional permitting information.

What is Biomedical Waste?

In general, biomedical waste is any solid or liquid waste which may present a threat of infection to humans, including non-liquid tissue, body parts, blood, blood products of infection to humans, including, and body fluids from humans and other primates; laboratory and veterinary wastes which contain human disease-causing agents; and discarded sharps. All biomedical waste must be properly stored and contained prior to pick-up, delivery and disposal. Additional information can be found at the State of Florida, Department of Health, Bureau of Community Health website at:

Biomedical Waste Disposal Sites

The following locations are approved drop-off sites:

Florida Department of Health in Glades County
1021 Health Park Drive
Moore Haven, Fl 33471

Store sharps in approved biohazard containers only; milk jugs and plastic coffee cans are unsafe as these items are not puncture resistant.

Sharps containers are sold at the Florida Department of Health in Glades County for $3.00 each.

Great idea #1:

If you are unsure about the proper way to dispose of biomedical waste- contact the health department!

Great idea #2:

Always include your name, address and phone number on containers.