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Disaster Preparedness

Florida Department of Health in Glades County

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Emergency preparedness is not only when hurricane season comes around. Emergency preparedness is something that people should think about “every day”, because an emergency situation can happen at any time. There are a number of ways that a person can be prepared.

The Public Health Preparedness Team are professionals within the Florida Department of Health that are responsible for planning for and responding to any disaster or emergency event (natural or man-made) that affects the health and medical infrastructure.

Plans developed by the Preparedness Team can assist staff members to respond to various events such as:

  • Mass Prophylaxis
  • Special Needs Shelter Operations
  • Mass Casualties
  • Epidemiological Surveillance & Investigation
  • Epidemiological Isolation & Quarantine

There is nothing that can be done to prevent some disasters, such as hurricanes. However, their negative effects can be minimized if we have planned and prepared in advance.

The Florida Department of Health has developed a website with information to help individuals, families and businesses prepare for disasters. 

Click the link below for more information.

Also, visit the following websites for more information on preparing for disasters.

Preparing for and Responding to Specific Hazards

Emergency Preparedness Checklist FEMA Supply Checklist

For Local information

Glades County

Special Needs Shelters (SpNS) - When a major disaster threatens an area, medically dependent individuals may need to seek shelter where they can continue oxygen needs and where limited medical assistance can be provided. The special needs shelter will have Department of Health staff on hand to assist with basic medical assistance.  It is important to keep in mind that a special needs shelter is a shelter of last resort.   

Contact Emergency Management for a Special Needs Shelter application:  

Glades County Emergency Management (863) 946-6020

A special needs shelter provides: *Basic medical assistance and monitoring from qualified public health nurses; however, any advanced medical care or equipment is not available. *Back-up electricity will be available *Space for the shelter client and one caregiver. * Space for service animals. There are no other pets allowed in the Special Needs Shelter, so you must make arrangements for your pets.

Since space in a Special Needs Shelter is very limited, clients only need to bring: *All medications (a sufficient supply in their original containers) *medical supplies and equipment (including your oxygen concentrator) * Any special dietary items and necessary personal items

DIALYSIS Preparedness - Individuals with kidney failure need to know ahead of time what they can do to maintain their health during an emergency or disaster.

Find out what facilities are closed or open at